We Value People, Community and Creation

When we invest in goodness, the return is far greater.

About Good Place Holdings

Good Place Holdings focuses on sustainable organizational life with positive community impacts. As a for-profit holding company with no shareholders, we have the freedom to base our vision on God’s roadmap for His creation. This means we value people, our community and creation over money. Good Place Holdings works hard to create a flourishing environment for our employees, customers, vendors and community.



We recognize God as the creator, owner and sustainer of the universe. We aim to follow his instructions and use our strengths to help bring about order and beauty in the world.



At Good Place Holdings, our mission is to grow Good Place organizations. What makes a Good Place? Encouraging and celebrating principles that have withstood the test of time, Good Place organizations achieve two main aims. (1) Their economic activities support our living in the world, as well as the other activities of the organization. (2) They empower more and more people to live in true peace



We believe the principles we adhere to apply to organizations of all shapes and sizes – B2B or B2C, small or large, service or product, storefront, Wall Street or community development. We encourage all to follow the Good Place model, and we invest in companies that promote environments conducive to healthy, wholesome and sustainable living.

Our Portfolio

Our three current places of business are SDMyers, On Now Digital and Redemptive Properties. They serve as the primary outlets for expressing our principles as well as the economic base for launching future ventures.

A pioneer in transformer maintenance and service since 1965, SDMyers has assembled an extensive repository of critical knowledge on transformer reliability and life extension. Its expert recommendations have created thousands of satisfied customers worldwide who rely on SDMyers as a partner in their electric power needs. The company culture has resulted in employee longevity of 40+ years for many, with an average tenure of 12 years. With analytical and diagnostic services, product innovation, engineered solutions, industry-recognized transformer training, and a firm commitment to both technical expertise and ethical integrity, SDMyers strives to become the trusted advocate of transformer owners everywhere.

On Now Digital delivers intuitive, easy-to-use software solutions that make complex data simple. With more than 50 years of collective development experience and the desire to bring servant leadership to the market, the company pursues high-trust relationships with every client. Currently focusing on electric power system software as its first offering, On Now Digital enables clients to easily monitor and analyze the health of their core electrical assets. Additionally, its SAAS-based deployment provides both high performance and affordable pricing. From packaged to custom software solutions, On Now Digital helps clients overcome business challenges while achieving convenience, timeliness and accuracy.

Offering property management services, vision and community insight, Redemptive Properties works to repurpose real estate as opposed to tearing down and starting over. The company is committed to realizing the existing beauty and opportunity in its surrounding communities and to bringing about wholesome and sustainable improvements. Currently, Redemptive Properties is collaborating with a developer in the historic downtown district of Akron, OH.


Interested in seeing our Good Place philosophy in action? We invite you to explore our upcoming engagements.


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